SD Card with Built-in UBS

Ever wanted to transfer files from your SD card, but can never find the SD card reader for your PC or laptop? This SD memory card can connect directly to any USB port any time any where without a SD card reader.

Transferring files from a digital camera to mobile phone to computer, and vice versa is now a breeze with the SanDisk Ultra II SD. You will never be fumbling around to find a SD card reader in this lifetime again.

Kid Plates or Kid Playground?

Don’t you wish you had one of these plates when you were a kid? Bet you would grow up eating all your vegetables because eating was fun. This construction plate is for the kid who have a hard time leaving the sandbox. So, why not bring the feeling of the sandbox to the dinner table.

Your child will enjoy a construction sized meal with every dig, push, lift, and plow. Make sure you create all the construction noises along with it as you encourage the little ones to finish the job.

Twelve South BookBook Wallet for iPhone

If you are tired of keeping your wallet in one pocket and the iPhone in the other pocket then this item is made for you. It combines the best of both worlds as an iPhone case and compact wallet to hold your cash and credit cards.

The Twelve South Bookbook is extremely versatile; and crafted with high quality leather. You are bound to receive many compliments from fellow iPhone owners.

iClooly Phone Handset for iPhone

If you have always wanted to replace your land line with a cellphone, now you can. Literally. The iClooly phone handset specially designed for all iPhones will have you calling up your local telephone service provider and canceling their services in no time.

Hook up to one of these with your iPhone and you’ll be dialing your parents every time you are home. You are never away from your desk phone again.